Nerve Pain - We Can Help

Step 1

There is no Fee to come and speak with Dr Peter our Chiropractor!

Your first consultation is Complimentary and should only take around 30 min. In this consultation we will discuss your health concerns and note your trauma and health history. We use Nerve Scanning Equipment and Computerised Biomechanical Posture Technology to provide an accurate assessment of your problem. Dr Peter will let you know if he feels Chiropractic can help you and you will receive a take home Spinal Health and Posture Report.

The Chiro Barn has On-site X-ray Facility. If X-rays are necessary this will be a chargeable service.  

No treatment is given on the first day, unless it is urgently required the cost of which is $65. 

Step 2

On your second visit we will go through all your results from your initial consultation. 

You will receive education about your spine and nervous system and the specific findings relative to you.

Once you understand your results and we believe we can help you, a program of care will be presented to you. 

This will show the duration of care, frequency of visits and the most cost effective plans.


Becoming a member at The Chiro Barn may also include specific rehabilitative exercises designed for your best spine correction, spinal hygiene exercises, postural advice and healthy living advice.  

Step 3

Once you have agreed to care your first session will commence in our practice, you will be given a Special Health Card which contains all your information and reports, and you will be shown how to use it and how to sign in every time you come into The Chiro Barn. 

Our cutting edge technology, Corrective Chiropractic techniques and Lifestyle advice definitely makes The Chiro Barn the Chiropractic practice of Choice for you and your family.

Our goal is to help you achieve your best health now and in the future. 

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