Suffering with Neck Pain? - 
We Can Help
Is there a normal healthy curve in your neck like this picture?
Are you able to turn your head?
Have pain or discomfort when you try to look up?
Head feels to heavy for your neck?
Pain at the base of your skull?
If you answered YES or could identify to any of the above, chances are we can help you.

'Posture and Spinal research confirms that if you do not have a proper neck curve you are 18 times more likely to suffer with neck pain.' Based on physics and mechanical loading if you have Forward Head Posture of as little as 2.5 cm the load on your spine is doubled. 
Abnormal Posture is evident in patients with chronic pain-related conditions including backache, headache and and overall health.                      

Neck pain can be debilitating not to mention the impact it has on our day to day activities such as driving, sitting, work productivity, ability to concentrate and our mood. 

Book your New Patient assessment at The Chiro Barn and receive a Spinal Health and Posture Report.  
Find out what is causing your Neck Pain, how it may be affecting your health and learn how to prevent it from coming back. Learn one of the easiest 'SELF HELP' exercises to prevent neck pain and headaches. 
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