Dr Peter Proud Chiropractic Services  on The 
Central Coast 

A warm welcome awaits you with
 Central Coast Chiropractor Dr. Peter Proud. Dr Peter has been a chiropractor for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of people recover from their aches pains, sporting and lifestyle  injuries. 
Dr Peter Proud has a very caring approach and you can be assured of a
 friendly and professional manner with great results. 
The Chiro Barn is in a relaxed and peaceful location in Erina Heights / Terrigal on the N.S.W Central Coast. 

Professional and Understanding Approach

Your Initial Consultation with Dr Peter Proud Chiropractor to discuss your health goals and to determine how to get the Fastest Result !

In this consultation you can discuss your health concerns. We will also note your trauma and health history. Dr Peter will let you know if he feels he can help you.

The Chiro Barn has  Nerve Scan Technology, Computerised Biomechanical Posture, and On-site Digital X-ray. On your first visit all necessary tests can be performed right here for your convenience. 

You will receive a take home Spinal Health and Posture Report. Treatment may or may not start on that day depending  on the complexity of your problem. 

Everything is explained in a Friendly, Professional and Down to Earth manner. 

Our Chiropractor Dr Peter Proud has 20 years of experience and will explain what he feels is the best approach for your condition. That includes the likely time frame for achieving your goals, number of expected visits that may be required and the most cost effective options. If he does not feel that he can help he will let you know. The Chiro Barn utilises a best evidence based approach together with over nearly 2 decades clinical experience. In addition to the above you will be explained and discover exercises which to assist in your recovery.  

Lifestyle advice, Self Discovery  so you can Help Yourself.

The cutting edge technology, Corrective Chiropractic techniques and Lifestyle advice definitely makes a visit with Dr Peter Proud Chiro Services one to add to your health care practitioners on the NSW Central Coast. 

It's up to you how long you choose to have Chiropractic Care, for some people its for pain relief some people use it for maintenance or prevention of degeneration and arthritic pains. 

Our goal is to help you experience your true 'Human Potential'. We love fast results and happy clients. Most our my patients come from satisfied patients from word of mouth and recommendation. 

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